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Exploring Key West 

Mangrove Creeks
This is a protected mangrove forest that is still relatively unspoiled by development where you can see how the Keys looked a long time ago. In this forest are natural rivers creating a unique “maze” that creates a nursery for wildlife.

Submarine Pitts
This is a former Navy base built during the Cuban Missile Crisis to service submarine war ships. 


Our sandbars are the perfect places to take a break from your tour and chill. Take a swim and soak in all the scenic beauty. It’s also a great photo opt. 


Key West Harbor and Southernmost Point
You’ve probably been to the attraction by land, here’s your chance to experience them from the ocean side. We’ll cruise by both and give you a great view along the way. 


Key West Boat &Jet Ski Adventures
5016 5th Ave, Key West, FL 33040

Monday-Sunday 8:00 am-9:00 pm 

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